Frankies Inner City

Frankie's Inner City is an all ages concert venue located at 138 Main St. in Toledo, OH with a capacity of 300. 

Frankies has been the home for bringing Toledo the best up and coming bands for over a quarter century bringing in such acts as The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, Five Finger Death Punch, Silversun Pickups, O.A.R., the list goes on and on. The news is especially meaningful for Innovation Concerts founder Broc Curry who spent many years at the booking helm for Frankies. We can not wait to get started and look forward to continuing the rich tradition of live music at Frankies. We are currently accepting late summer and fall avails. Please email and with artist availabilities. It feels good to be home.


Cinco de Cryo: An Emo Cover Show

Cinco de Cryo: An Emo Cover Show at Frankies Inner-City
With performances by:
My Chemical Romance (Thank You For The Venom)

"Hope For the Day" Suicide Prevention Benefit Show

"Hope For The Day" Suicide Prevention Benefit Show
Proceeds donated to Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition

Chronic Tardiness Fest

Chronic Tardiness Fest
With performances by:

Flush Birthday Bash

Zak & Dylan of Flush Birthday Bash
With special guests:
Getting Out Alive


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