The Hollywood Jets

It all first started the summer of 2017. Eddie Melikian, founder, guitarist, composer, and back-up vocalist of The Hollywood Jets had played a “end of the night” jam session with the Swiss group, The Wild Orchids. Eddie had a passion for rockabilly and old time country since he was young due to his parents playing a many records and albums throughout his childhood of 50’s era music. Having played on stage with The Wild Orchids, who are a family band that play rockabilly genre music, Eddie decided to recruit himself a rockabilly revival band as it was too much fun to play rockabilly to pass up on the thought and idea of having this kind of a band. Eddie first asked Sterling Gittens, who was already a friend of his at Bowling Green State University, and also already was his band mate and drummer in the band Modern Hollows to be the official drummer of a rockabilly revival band. Then, Eddie found Alan Albrecht, who was a brand new freshman student at BGSU from Pennsylvania studying bass performance studies to become part of the group as well. The trio first started by playing a couple venues by themselves, which included their first show at The Millard Fillmore Presidential Library in 2017. The trio wanted to find a full time lead singer, and luck struck when Eddie and Sterling went to a jazz vocal ensemble concert at BGSU and found Sarah Drummer to be taking the spotlight that evening. After a couple weeks of preparation, Sarah auditioned and took the official role of lead singer. The band was able to have a line up of shows for almost a year before Sarah graduated and had to leave due to moving on to Las Vegas and New York for her acting/ singing career. The trio was yet again in need of a lead singer, but luck struck again when Meryem Es contacted the band in the want to audition to be the new lead singer of the band in September of 2018. Meryem is European, born in France and having done studies in both France and Great Britain. She has been a part of a blues band in France, and was featured on French national television, M6, in the summer of 2018 for a show called “Audition Secrete.” Meryem auditioned to be part of the band, and has been in the line up since September of 2018.
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