18th Annual Toledo Music Fest

We are so excited about this year’s Toledo Music Fest! Join us Saturday, June 10th at the Toledo SeaGate Centre! 40 local and national bands on 4 stages for 1 unforgettable day. This year's headliner is the heavy-hitting Florida rock group Nonpoint!

Innovation Concerts has been putting on Toledo Music Fest for 18 years, and for the first time we are hosting it at the SeaGate Centre! Join us for food, beverages, local and regional vendors, and more!   Artists performing include:  Nonpoint, A Killer's Confession, Nine Shrines, MESSER, You Are A Toy, Fail & Deliver, Light Horizon, Tropic Bombs, Settle The Sky, Reject The Silence, Dying to Know, Little Pink, Mujaw Creek, Starsleeper, The Ice Cream Militia, Second String Hero, A War Within, Graduation Day, Broken Down Beaten Under, Bear Bao, DemonShifter, Morkast, Alterstoned, 33, Civil Hands, The Infinity Process, Rise Up, I Embodiment, Life Before Us, Dream.Repair, Renegade Angel, Teach Them To Crawl, Glascity, Orange Is Eight, Population Control, Blue Walls, Getting Out Alive, THE BLACK ORDER and, This World Around Us. Tickets on sale for $15 here: https://tinyurl.com/l55nlwk