This Isn't Goodbye

Four years ago I started Innovation Concerts with the goal to put on great shows with both touring and local bands. Over the past 4 years we have booked five different venues and hosted over 1000 shows. Being in a smaller market like Toledo we have had a lot of ups and downs. It has from the very start been a labor of love. The Innovation Crew all work insanely hard and around the clock. A normal work week each and every member of the staff puts in 70+ hours a week because we all believe in the local music scene and want it to grow. In recent months we have noticed fewer and fewer people coming to shows and an overall lack of interest. As much as we all really want to bring bands to town and continue to book all of the great local bands on shows the reality is the drain financially, mentally and physically  has taken a toll where we need to take a step back.  


As of today Innovation Concerts will no longer be booking future concerts. Our plan is to take a step back and pursue other avenues in hopes that after a much needed break we can perhaps do a few larger events in the coming years. Our shows up to Nov 7th at Iggys will still happen and our shows up to Nov 28th at Frankies will still happen. After Nov 28th we will officially be on a much needed break. 


We cannot stress enough the thanks we have for the support from music fans and especially the local bands over the last four years. Toledo has a really rich local music community. Our current band list has over 200 local bands from every genre that you can think of.  We hope to see current live music venues like The Longhorn, Realm, Village Idiot and OT thrive. We hope that people get out and support these venues instead of complain that nothing ever happens in Toledo. We see so many great bands week after week that deserve to play in front of packed rooms. For the people that have an interest in putting on shows find a basement, bowling alley or bar and run with it. I will say that this is not goodbye. We all plan on still supporting the local music community with passion. It will be nice to actually be able to enjoy the music from the audience stress free. 


In the meantime get out to Frankies and Iggys for our remaining shows. Our website will be completely up to date with all remaining shows this evening.


Thank You Toledo!


Broc Curry

Innovation Concerts Founder & President