Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins makes a stop at Frankies July 1st!

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I am Jim. I have had the pleasure/honor/luck to play in the mostly-pro rock band, Jimmy Eat World for 21 years now. It’s something I take seriously and at every opportunity that comes our way, am grateful.

In the last few years we have toured extensively playing songs from our career and most recent album, “Damage”… as well as a tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of our 2004 album, “Futures”.

For our ( hesitate to call it this but here goes..) career, we have operated more or less the same way. Write, tour, record, tour, pull our heads together then write again. 2015 seemed like as good a time as any to take a second and experiment with life outside the pattern.

In the past I have been involved with solo work, playing mostly benefit concerts locally in my home of Arizona. Toward the end of our last European tour I decided to stick around and play a solo show in Berlin, DE. I thought to myself: hey, this is different and also pretty fun… I could keep going.

So why not? This summer and fall of 2015 I will be touring with me and a guitar. Playing new solo material, rock band songs and covers (no freebird!). I am trying to play places and venues we haven’t been to in a long time with the band, or maybe ever.

Looking forward to adventure!

Jim Adkins

Phoenix, AZ