January 23rd, 2018

JUST ANNOUNCED: Drake Bell live at Civic Music Hall in Toledo Sunday, March 18th wsg/ Tryon & Joe Kirk!
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January 23rd, 2018

JUST ANNOUNCED: Creed Bratton from "The Office" live at Civic Music Hall in Toledo Sunday, March 25th!
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January 17th, 2018

JUST ANNOUNCED: Do not miss the WE ARE THE FURY Reunion show April 28th at Frankies Inner-City with special guests Secret Space!

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October 16th, 2017

We can finally officially announce that Toledo has a new midsize venue dedicated to bringing the best National, Regional and Local music to the Glass City. 

Innovation Concerts proudly presents 
Civic Music Hall located at 135 S. Byrne Road. 

Civic Music Hall will feature live music from all genres multiple times a month.

The Toledo Music Scene has been growing over the last couple of years and we feel that we finally have the missing piece of the puzzle to add to the long history of great live music in Toledo. 

Thank you Toledo live music supporters for helping make this dream a reality. 

Innovation Crew

Civic Music Hall

June 7th, 2017

We are so excited about this year’s Toledo Music Fest! Join us Saturday, June 10th at the Toledo SeaGate Centre! 40 local and national bands on 4 stages for 1 unforgettable day. This year's headliner is the heavy-hitting Florida rock group Nonpoint!

Innovation Concerts has been putting on Toledo Music Fest for 18 years, and for the first time we are hosting it at the SeaGate Centre! Join us for food, beverages, local and regional vendors, and more!   Artists performing include:  Nonpoint, A Killer's Confession, Nine Shrines, MESSER, You Are A Toy, Fail & Deliver, Light Horizon, Tropic Bombs, Settle The Sky, Reject The Silence, Dying to Know, Little Pink, Mujaw Creek, Starsleeper, The Ice Cream Militia, Second String Hero, A War Within, Graduation Day, Broken Down Beaten Under, Bear Bao, DemonShifter, Morkast, Alterstoned, 33, Civil Hands, The Infinity Process, Rise Up, I Embodiment, Life Before Us, Dream.Repair, Renegade Angel, Teach Them To Crawl, Glascity, Orange Is Eight, Population Control, Blue Walls, Getting Out Alive, THE BLACK ORDER and, This World Around Us. Tickets on sale for $15 here:

June 2nd, 2017

Join us Saturday, June 10th at the Toledo SeaGate Centre for the 18th Annual Toledo Music Fest! Over 40 bands on 4 stages for 1 incredible day of live music. This year's headliner is the heavy-hitting Florida rock group Nonpoint!

Innovation Concerts has been putting on Toledo Music Fest for 18 years and we are so excited to host it at the SeaGate Centre for the first time this year!   There will be food, beverages, local and regional vendors, and so much more!   Don't miss live performances by:  Nonpoint, A Killer's Confession, Nine Shrines, MESSER, You Are A Toy, Fail & Deliver, Light Horizon, Tropic Bombs, Settle The Sky, Reject The Silence, Dying to Know, Little Pink, Mujaw Creek, Starsleeper, The Ice Cream Militia, Second String Hero, A War Within, Graduation Day, Broken Down Beaten Under, Bear Bao, DemonShifter, Morkast, Alterstoned, 33, Civil Hands, The Infinity Process, Rise Up, I, Embodiment, Life Before Us, Dream.Repair, Renegade Angel, Teach Them To Crawl, Glascity, Orange Is Eight, Population Control, Blue Walls, Getting Out Alive, THE BLACK ORDER and, This World Around Us.     Tickets are on sale now for just $15 here:  

October 26th, 2015

Four years ago I started Innovation Concerts with the goal to put on great shows with both touring and local bands. Over the past 4 years we have booked five different venues and hosted over 1000 shows. Being in a smaller market like Toledo we have had a lot of ups and downs. It has from the very start been a labor of love. The Innovation Crew all work insanely hard and around the clock. A normal work week each and every member of the staff puts in 70+ hours a week because we all believe in the local music scene and want it to grow. In recent months we have noticed fewer and fewer people coming to shows and an overall lack of interest. As much as we all really want to bring bands to town and continue to book all of the great local bands on shows the reality is the drain financially, mentally and physically  has taken a toll where we need to take a step back.  


As of today Innovation Concerts will no longer be booking future concerts. Our plan is to take a step back and pursue other avenues in hopes that after a much needed break we can perhaps do a few larger events in the coming years. Our shows up to Nov 7th at Iggys will still happen and our shows up to Nov 28th at Frankies will still happen. After Nov 28th we will officially be on a much needed break. 


We cannot stress enough the thanks we have for the support from music fans and especially the local bands over the last four years. Toledo has a really rich local music community. Our current band list has over 200 local bands from every genre that you can think of.  We hope to see current live music venues like The Longhorn, Realm, Village Idiot and OT thrive. We hope that people get out and support these venues instead of complain that nothing ever happens in Toledo. We see so many great bands week after week that deserve to play in front of packed rooms. For the people that have an interest in putting on shows find a basement, bowling alley or bar and run with it. I will say that this is not goodbye. We all plan on still supporting the local music community with passion. It will be nice to actually be able to enjoy the music from the audience stress free. 


In the meantime get out to Frankies and Iggys for our remaining shows. Our website will be completely up to date with all remaining shows this evening.


Thank You Toledo!


Broc Curry

Innovation Concerts Founder & President

June 3rd, 2015

Catch Jim Adkins live at Frankies July 1st! Tickets are only $15 and on sale now HERE



I am Jim. I have had the pleasure/honor/luck to play in the mostly-pro rock band, Jimmy Eat World for 21 years now. It’s something I take seriously and at every opportunity that comes our way, am grateful.

In the last few years we have toured extensively playing songs from our career and most recent album, “Damage”… as well as a tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of our 2004 album, “Futures”.

For our ( hesitate to call it this but here goes..) career, we have operated more or less the same way. Write, tour, record, tour, pull our heads together then write again. 2015 seemed like as good a time as any to take a second and experiment with life outside the pattern.

In the past I have been involved with solo work, playing mostly benefit concerts locally in my home of Arizona. Toward the end of our last European tour I decided to stick around and play a solo show in Berlin, DE. I thought to myself: hey, this is different and also pretty fun… I could keep going.

So why not? This summer and fall of 2015 I will be touring with me and a guitar. Playing new solo material, rock band songs and covers (no freebird!). I am trying to play places and venues we haven’t been to in a long time with the band, or maybe ever.

Looking forward to adventure!

Jim Adkins

Phoenix, AZ

November 14th, 2013

Innovation Concerts and Revolver Ecigarettes Present RevolverFest 2014 at Mainstreet Saturday Feb 1st featuring SAVING ABEL and more tba. All day multiple stages advance tickets are only $12 and go on sale this Friday.


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